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Does your mindset help how you approach life? How do you overcome your toughest moments? What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail? 


Turns out, I'm not very good with small talk. I would rather know the contents of your soul than chat about the weather. Adventure - be it cycling halfway around the world, or being part of a three-month, world-first kayak trip through the remote Amazon - has gifted me some of the biggest highs of my life - but also some of the biggest lows. Expeditions have pushed me, humbled me, and literally and physically brought me to my knees (I don't recommend picking up a flesh-eating parasite). Yet mindset, teamwork, humour, admitting my failures, and a hefty dose of resilience, have helped me through dark times - lessons that I still use in day-to-day life and work. I truly believe we are all more capable than we think. My goal is that those who listen to my talks (hopefully told with humour and honesty) will leave with a feeling that life is beautiful, life is fragile, and a desire to embrace it. 



I truly believe that everyone can teach you something. My favourite bit of any talk is a Q&A with the audience (I love to know what you are interested in too!). 


Over the years I've shared learnings and swapped stories with people from around the world. From Buckingham Palace to schools, to board rooms (as opposed to bored rooms) to festival stages - I've spoken both at home and internationally and will always tailor my talks to who I'm addressing. 


However, my favourite ever audience was at my daughter's nursery where questions included: "Can spiders swim in jelly?" and feedback consisted of: "Mummy, I love you. Even on Saturdays."


Even though the bar for the audience is unlikely to ever be exceeded - please do get in touch if you'd like me to talk to you or your organisation. I'd love to hear from you.  




Katie Burgess, The Adventure Travel Show organiser:


"Pip captivated and opened the minds of the Adventure Travel Show with tales of her Amazonian adventures. Described as "raw and authentic" by our visitors, Pip's passion for mindful travel brought a new dimension to the talk theatre and empowered those looking to embark on their own incredible journey."


Alastair Humphreys, Night of Adventure organiser:


"Thank you so much for kicking off last night with an ace talk. It was fun, human, natural and inspiring. You did a great job. Thank you!"


Kehinde Komolafe, Founder and Head, Nurture Group:


"I invited Pip to talk to a group of our clients in Beijing during the China leg of her Kuala Lumpur to London cycling adventure. She was excellent! The audience really enjoyed listening to the fun stories from the trip. She left them inspired and wanting to do their own adventures."